Altrusa International of Downtown Dallas Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation works with the Downtown Dallas Altrusa club to support its service efforts and maximize its fundraising efforts, and with donors to further their charitable goals. Foundation Board members are seasoned members of the club, united by fiduciary duties to its members and donors.

The Foundation handles the proceeds of the club's fundraiser and distributes them to worthy beneficiaries that are vetted by the club.  The Foundation accepts donations and directs them in accordance with the club's mission, donor desires, and applicable law.

The Foundation Bylaws provide:

Purposes. The objects and purposes of the Foundation, subject to the limitations of Article IX hereof, are to make and award, without limitation as to amount to any recipient, donations, gifts, contributions, scholarships, grants, fellowships, and/or loans from the income, assets, and property of the Foundation; to engage in research; to conduct seminars and workshops; to publish materials; to make grants in furtherance of projects of Altrusa International, Inc., and/or Altrusa International, Inc. of Downtown Dallas ("Club"); to provide service for local service projects; to engage in fundraising programs in furtherance of the purposes of the Foundations; to dispose of any and all of the Foundation's assets and property to or for the benefit of any corporation, organization, fund or foundation operated exclusively for charitable, educational, literacy, or scientific purposes; and the Foundation shall be empowered to engage in such other and further means as may be necessary and proper to accomplish the foregoing objects and purposes.

Altrusa International of Downtown Dallas Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 141133
Dallas, Tx 75214


Altrusa DTD Foundation Board - 2024-2025

Altrusa DTD year starts June 1 and ends May 31.

LaVone Arthur 

Debbie Tull

Judy Sall

Ann Worthy